Sunday, May 7, 2017

I managed to finish my project, tooth and nail.  It might not be to an appeased standard, I think I could have used my initial starting weeks on a housing but I didn't imagine the issue I had ran into at the end.  I also didn't anticipate that the RFID would be that challenging.  I'm not sure the level of impressive feats that I accomplished, but I do know, out of the two people using RFID's.. I managed to continue and make it work in my final hours.  No fault or blame to the other person, but damn, does it make me feel somewhat accomplished that I tackled it... even though her piece came out amazing... without it.  I have a hard time seeing myself not expanding on this idea in the future, if not regurgitating it to another idea.  I've already had two friends that acquire my assistance when it will be coming to cosplay.  One of which, I highly recommended taking your class.. so you might see her in the future.  The other doesn't go to our school, so sol there :c

I definitely enjoyed your class, despite it not being necessarily my fancy.  Your enthusiasm was helpful encouragement.  I guess the main take I can say, is as an art form... this is one of those things that relate to the bigger the wallet, the better the outcome.  Not to say someone cant make something great off a couple pennies, but damned if they can't make something grand with a few thousand either.   

Regardless, enjoy what summer you get~!

And for the sake of kittens and the previous update.  With my time being spent in Japan, and the inability to damage control the situation.  I managed to arrange a temporary home, in where someone will actively be looking for homes for each and everyone aside from my two actual cats(da moms.)  Doing all the neutering and such~!  Any one of them remaining will more than likely put back at my parents home as yard cats, catching mice and hopefully fighting possums.  Getting regular feeding, and a nice comfy garage to their liking.  If it gets to that point, I hope those kitties will have their wits about them for whoever remains in the pack.

ps. no other group did the reading?

Monday, May 1, 2017

 I can't imagine how many times i've messed this up or was collided with another issue. Many personal issues coming up on top of trying to do this. Some of those issues being~

 Sometime in the last 3 weeks, I managed to have seven kittens. Traversing back and fourth between Fort Walton to damage control the chaos of 9 cats, with a majority unwanted. Its a unfortunate fortune.

 Sometime after that, for about 5 days I was extremely ill. Still baring some of the sickness, but for atleast 4 days I was completely bedridden.  I caught the plague from someone, super migraine, sore throat, pukey, ect.

I also had to damage control a phone going on its last legs.  It could be said wasted time, as it was actually a hardware issue and not the initial software issue that many people possible recommended.  Rooted, bricked, reformatted through dos, the life and struggle of life without a phone in which its your main source of information gathering and communicative rock.

All in all, a lot of this is an -excuse- to how I can't get the RFID working properly.  I'm pushing two days left and I can't get them to make a baby of the product I want.  I might be looking for the wrong words, but I just can't seem to find an off state for the LED's, and a triggering onstate for the RFID to turn on the LED's.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Went relatively well, I could have done better with my notes to translate through speech but I think the sum of my parts have done what they needed to do.  Some take-away-videos that popped in my head during the discussions.  I'm better at bridging association then the actual process of regurgitating information absorbed.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

final proposal

The idea is relatively simple, but answers a necessity I have not had yet.  I'm looking to make something that is practical, and regular use.  I will be tackling the idea of a back bike light, so generally red in hue.  For the assignment i'll be looking to attack the led and housing for the arduino on my backpack and having an on the fly switch using the rfid reader and tag.  I'll have the tag somewhere around my wrist, whether sewn into my jacket or a bracelet and the rfid antenna on my side.  The LED strip will be secured on my back pack.  The idea itself will be grounding blocks for any sort of expansions possible if the original design proves solid.




cad design a form box

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


Though this project came with great difficulties on just simply understanding it.  I found that even though I took the most complicated route.. I had the most fun with it because of that.  If I was quizzed on how the capacitors worked with the resistors eat, I honestly would be lost.  I managed to fry 3 chips, a speaker, and burned 3 holes in my breadboard.  I'm sure i've messed up a few capacitors and maybe resistors, but I swapped them like candy that I don't even know where the end is the beginning or the beginning is the end.

I honestly would recommend that everyone do the open circuit board, as it is actually way more engaging and fun.. I would be complete advocate in pushing that as a project.  It removes the limitations, and essentially becomes a game of logic.  Logic.. something like tetris, how you fit pieces and run your wires, connection points, and then how you integrate it with an interface.. I feel there is a much more uplifting and open ended freedom that is given by the board.  I'm also pretty uhh.. joyous when it comes to the organization, and layout of things.  If I didn't go into art, networking would have been my next choice, esp wire management on server boxes.. hnnnggg. sosofun.

I didn't get my original idea to flourish which was utilizing a microphone integrated in the board, nor did I use any of the potenciometros.. though it might not be too late.. I feel that I have managed to at least tackle a great satisfaction.  I like things to be simple, very clean, and very cut on precision.. which I believe I nailed it in design, and execution.. if not please tell me where I might have blundered.  I believe I could have organized the LED, Speaker, and Power cables a little bit more tidy.  I know that you mentioned to not have the wires on the bottom, but I used a dremel to utilize the holes on the board with some wooden pegs to elevate the board and seamlessly get my touchpoint organized from a very visible standpoint.. which also allowed me to specific exactly how it works rather than wofting into it without knowing all the potential touch points.

I feel as if my design is relatively basic but I really enjoyed the brief discussion on breadboards, and how circuits were originally done on.. breadboards.  I was going to originally have it running from the top of the box with circuits, no board, and have it all wired inside the box.. but you proposed the idea that the wires could have unforeseen issues which kinda scared me.  So I went with the illusionist idea of having the circuits on top for aesthetics and then still having an aesthetic inside.

All I can really say, i'm satisfied with what i've done.. and curious to what people have to say.. and what people have done.

critique edit;
gogo spoilers.  I'm terrible to person to bring when you haven't seen an episode of game of thrones.  snape killed dumbdor.


 It was a relatively easy week, definitely a nice notion for the extension on the project. I struggled to get my stuff right the first go around with the open breadboard thing, so I had to re-do it. Many errors, but the extension was definitely helpful to not only me, but seems the rest of the class too. I'm glad i'm out of the crunch time, as it seems many other people are stressing slightly. Though i'm worried that because I -finished- that I might have either made mine too simple, or too quick. I honestly just wanted to go with something very clean cut, precise, and just all around well executed. I still have to get 3 more projects done onto of that, 2 of which are nearing completion.. Monday is going to be 3x critique, then another Thursday.. ontop of trying to finish 4 essay questions for western survey, ANDD get my entire application for a summer in Japan in order. blergh.

The start of the arduino will be interesting, i'm not code savvy, but dissecting code has been something i've done numerous times in the past. I also have a few code oriented buddies that will probably be willing to help with any specific questions which will be nice. Both of them are Canadians, one a programmer from Waterloo, and another engineer from waterloo.. so it'll be interesting to see if I can't spark any ideas off of them for a grand project.. or find myself struggling to push one to the finish line. I wish it was a raspberry pi :c